February 12, 2018

Antioxidants as free radical acceptors

In foods containing lipids, antioxidants delay the onset of oxidation or slow the rate at which to proceeds. Their role is not to enhance or improve the quality of foods, but they do maintain food quality and extend shelf life.

The term antioxidant generally refers to compounds that are used to stop the free radical lipid oxidation process. Antioxidants act primary as hydrogen donors or free radical acceptors. The reaction of an antioxidant (AH2) may be represented as follows:
Thus, the primary role of antioxidants is to break the chain reaction of autoxidation by reacting with hydroperoxy radicals. It delay onset or slow the rate of autoxidation by inhibiting the formation of free radicals or interrupting propagation.

Antioxidants can reduce raw material waste, reduce nutritional losses and widen the range of fats that can be use in specific products.
Antioxidants as free radical acceptors

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