May 3, 2018

Water soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is found dissolved in water inside plant cells. Like insoluble fiber, it is not digested and does not provide energy, although it may be consumed by bacteria that live in the digestive tract.

In water soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance. This gel absorbs water and helps to keep the stool soft. Soluble fibers include pectin, found in fruits, and gums, found in some grains and legumes.

Oat bran supplies a water-soluble form of fiber called beta glucan. Like cellulose, oat fiber is polysaccharides composed of glucose units. Because of the manner in which the glucose units are joined, the carbohydrate chain is not digestible.

Soluble fiber reduces the rate of glucose absorption and insulin presence after a meal, thus increasing glucose tolerance. Soluble fiber creates a viscous material that helps promote satiety or the feeling of fullness after a meal, lowers blood cholesterol, and also slows down the absorption of blood glucose, providing longer lasting energy.
Water soluble fiber

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