August 5, 2006

Food and diet

Food is the main tool for balancing the hormones and chemicals in the body and brain. Once food is broken down into glucose, amino acids and fatty acids, it travels through the bloodstream and feeds all the areas of the body.

It creates all the chemicals that control every system of the body. Food creates a positive or negative hormonal adjustment that lasts for up to six hours. Each meal readjusts the body chemicals.

The function of food is to keep us alive and healthy. The foods we eat derived from plants and animals. Foods are a complex mixture of many different chemical components. Food is that which nourishes the body.

Food components vary with the growth, maturation, harvesting or slaughtering, storage and handling of plant and animal parts used as food.

A balanced diet consists of adequate uncontaminated water, safe protein sources, starches (carbohydrates) fats, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.

A balanced diet consists of different types of food items includes a variety of foods.

The major aim is to ensure that all nutrient are supplied.
The problem with the modern food supply is that real food is transformed into processed chemicals, which effect the body’s biochemistry.

Meats are domesticated and filled with hormones, additives and antibiotics.

Grains and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides and sprayed with antibiotics.

Everyone needs safe water and food. It is time to learn to make the best food choices to control individual body chemistry.
Food and Diet

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