July 9, 2008

Nutrition – The Chemistry of Life

Nutrition – The Chemistry of Life
Nutrition may be defined as a series of processes by which an organism takes in and assimilates food to promote growth, to expend energy, to place worn or injured tissue, and to prevent some diseases. However nutrition encompasses many processes, and thus, it may given many definition.

Mendel among other, has been quoted as defining nutrition as “The Chemistry of Life.” Mendel’s definition may be most appropriate from the scientist’s point of view, because the processes by which food components are assimilated, converted and utilized are understood and properly managed only when their chemistry is understood.

Now much of the chemistry of life is understood reasonably well, and most nutritional deficiencies could be easily diagnosed and successfully treated. Nutritional requirements and food energy values are well known, and the public is becoming better informed about these and vitamin and mineral needs, as well.

Still, the interrelationship among food constituents, particularly as related to metabolism, and the delicately balanced chemistry of the body sometimes place a thoroughly understanding of nutrition well beyond our present capabilities.

Therefore, although the mechanisms for studying specific aspects of nutrition are presently available, many aspects of nutrition can be studied only by observing the organism’s total response (e.g., long term animal feeding studies for determining of a food additive might have adverse effects on the consumer).
Nutrition – The Chemistry of Life

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