March 30, 2010

Effect of pH on Microbial Growth

Effect of pH on Microbial Growth
Both the growth and the rate growth of microbes are greatly affected by pH. Thus microorganism have an optimum pH as which they grow more rapidly and a pH range above or below which they will not grow at all.

Generally, molds and yeasts grow best at pHs on acid side of neutrality, as do some bacteria.

Many species of bacteria grow best at at pHs that are at neutrality or slightly on the alkaline side.

Some bacteria will grow at pHs as low as 4, while others grow as high as 11.

At least part of the reason why fruits are usually spoiled by molds or yeasts and flesh type foods (meats, fish, poultry and eggs) are usually spoiled because of bacterial growth is because of the low pH (acidic) of fruits and the near neutrality pH of flesh types foods.
Effect of pH on Microbial Growth

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