October 2, 2018

The use of food additives

The use of food additives is becoming more important in the production and worldwide distribution of food.

The definition of food additive includes both substances remaining in the finished food products, such as food colors and preservatives and substances that do not remain in the finished products, including infiltration-supporting agents.

The earliest food additives, use as long ago as 5000 years, included vinegar to pickle vegetables; salting and smoking to help preserve meat and fish; herbs to improve flavor; and vegetable coloring to improve appearance of food.

Today, food additives are added to food for these and a very wide variety of other purposes including uses to regulate acidity, prevent food from adhering to surfaces, enhance texture, improve food’s baking quality or color and so on.

Other uses of food additive including:
*Anti-caking agents, as additive that reduce the tendency of food components to adhere to one another.
*Anti-foaming agents, as additives that prevent or reduce foaming.
*Antioxidants, as additives that prolong the shelf life of foods by protecting against deterioration cause by oxidation.
The use of food additives 
Food additive enhance cake’s texture

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