July 18, 2022

Cold pressing method

Cold pressing is a method of mechanical extraction at room temperature (or lower than 140°F, 60°C), which involves crushing the seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil through pressure. The oil that can be consumed after precipitation and filtration without refining.

Cold press extraction is one of the methods required less energy than other oil extraction techniques and also environmental friendly.

Expression or cold pressing is commonly used in the production of essential and food oils. High quality oils can be obtained by performing production at low temperatures using cold press method. The term expression refers to any physical process in which the essential oil glands in the biomass are crushed or broken to release the oil.

Generally, the seeds are placed in a huge cylinder where they are continuously rotated and crushed until all the oil is collected.

The oil extraction rate of the cold pressed method is only half of the hot-pressed method. Hence, cold pressed oil is more expensive than hot pressed oil.

Cold-pressed oils are of higher quality because the temperature during the processing does not rise to a level that produces adverse effects on the ingredient. Cold pressed oil retains its natural flavor, color, bioactive substances, nutrients, and can be stored for a longer time without the use of additives.

Cold-pressed oils are suitable for food prepared in medium to low heat due to their low smoking points whereas hot-pressed oils are preferred for preparing meals at high temperatures due to their high smoking points.
Cold pressing method

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