The basic function of food is to keep us alive and healthy. The study of food science involves understanding the nature composition and behavior of food materials under varying conditions of storage processing and use.

August 21, 2014

Nutrient loss during processing of food

Some losses during in certain nutrients during food processing are inevitable.

The major consideration in evaluating food processing from nutritional stand point is that tradeoff between increase food availability and the effect that each of the various processing methods has on nutrients and food quality.

The degree of nutrient loss and the relative importance of the loss of a specific nutrient from a particular commodity should also be taken into consideration.

For example, vitamin C loss from milk during pasteurization and refrigerated storage is relatively unimportant, since it is insignificant source of this nutrient in the daily diet when compared with other foods as citrus fruits and juices.

The net effect of food processing on product quality is positive. The nutritive value of foods may be improved by increase in nutrient content and/ or digestibility of food component.

The aesthetic qualities of foods are also improved, resulting in enhanced appeal of the food to the appetite and better nutrient retention through consumption.
Nutrient loss during processing of food

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