August 21, 2016

Formulated flavors

Formulated flavors are complex blends of aromatic materials such as essential oils and aroma chemicals. Depending on their intended usage, they are available in concentrated form, diluted in solvents or bound to carriers.

A typical formulated flavor should have 10-20 ingredients. Within flavor houses, flavor formulation is performed by specially trained scientists called flavorists, who have empirical knowledge about the perception of chemical in mixtures.

They know a large variety of odorous raw materials but also specific mixtures’ recipes to produce specific flavors and continuously create new ones. Usually, they follow a brief delivered by the client.

There are three basic approaches to be made for flavor optimization in a formulation. They are flavor modification, flavor enhancement and flavor masking or neutralization. Flavor optimization requires control of intensity at the right flavor profile, good compatibility between added and indigenous flavors, and knowledge of flavor contribution from added ingredients and interaction between flavor and ingredients.
Formulated flavors

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