December 1, 2017

Controlled atmosphere packaging technology

Controlled atmosphere storage is the storage in which atmosphere of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen (and sometimes other gases) are controlled by external control systems.

Another term sometimes used in ‘intelligent’ packaging which may include monitoring the package and possibly making adjustment based on this information.

Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage has been shown to be a technology that can contribute to these consumer requirements in that in certain circumstances, with certain varieties of crop and appropriate treatment, the marketable life can be greatly extended.

Advances in controlled atmosphere storage technology include faster establishment of desired atmosphere, less fluctuation in O2 and CO2 levels, ability to change atmospheric composition as needed during storage, and ability to scrub ethylene from the storage environment.
Commercial use of controlled atmosphere storage is greatest in apples and pears worldwide; less on kiwifruits, avocados, persimmons and pomegranates, nuts and dried fruits and vegetables.
Controlled atmosphere packages allow reaching markets that are geographically far from the point of packaging for sensitive materials. Indeed, the sophistication of such packages will increase costs and the trade-off with alternative technologies such as refrigeration will likely be determined by balancing convenience and economics.
Controlled atmosphere packaging technology

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