July 23, 2018

Arachidic acid

Fatty acids are a large group composed of linear saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbonated chains with a carboxylic acid function. Commonly found saturated fatty acids range from butyric (C4) to arachidic fatty acids (C20).

Arachidic acid is a saturated fatty acid with a 20 carbon chain. Arachidic acid occurs naturally in fish and vegetable oils. It is used in lubricants, greases, waxes and plastics. Diets rich in saturated fats like arachidic acid are associated with increased levels of serum low density lipoproteins.

Earthnut oil, expressed in the cold, contains about 4-5 p.c. of arachidic acid ; that expressed with the aid of heat contains about 6 p.c. It is sometimes used to adulterate olive-oil, and its presence may be detected by separating out the arachidic acid.
Arachidic acid

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