August 9, 2018

Lignoceric acid

Lignoceric acid, also known as tetracosanoic acid, is a normal carboxylic acid, a very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA). Lignoceric acid is a constituent of cerebrosides and of sphingomyelin.

Lignoceric acid, a 24-carbon saturated (24:0) fatty acid and in mammals, it is synthesized during brain development.

The fatty acids of peanut oil contain small amounts of lignoceric acid (1.1% – 2.2%). This fatty acid is also a byproduct of lignin production. Reduction of lignoceric acid yields lignoceryl alcohol.

The tamarind kernel oil from India is unique in having a large proportion (22.3%) of the saturated fatty acid, lignoceric acid. The only other oil that has been reported to contain substantial quantities of lignoceric acid comes from the seed of coral wood.
Lignoceric acid

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