May 17, 2016

What is imitation milk?

Imitation milks can be manufactured to resemble milk and be used in place of milk. These products resemble whole milk but contain no actual milk ingredients. They generally contain water, vegetable fats, corn sugar, starch, vegetable protein, sodium caseinate, and stabilizers, such as gums or alginates.

Vitamins and minerals may be added to the product to improve the nutritional value. Imitation milks usually do not taste like whole milk and often require the addition of flavorings.

An imitation milk product may look and taste like the traditional product, yet is nutritionally inferior. Specifying the term ‘imitational’ on labels is no longer a legal requirement.

Imitation milks are lactose-free and so are useful for people with lactase deficiency, but sometimes sodium caseinate and whey are added, which makes these products inappropriate for people with milk-protein allergies.

The vegetable fat, like milk fat, may be high in saturated fatty acids from coconut or palm oils used in the manufacture of these products.

Both imitation and filled milks are used as a basis for formulation of synthetic and semisynthetic of flavored milk drinks, ice cream, and other frozen desserts, butter, cream cheese, coffee cream, whipped cream, and other imitation dairy products.

All these products are processed, stored and distributed in a manner similar to that of the dairy products that they resemble. Coffee whiteners or lighteners are popular among consumers because of their excellent storage life. Such longevity is a distinct advantage to people who rarely use ice cream.
What is imitation milk?

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