December 6, 2023

Vanilla's Rich Array of Bioactive Compounds

Vanilla is predominantly utilized in ice creams, dairy products, biscuits, cakes, beverages, perfumery, and cosmetics.

Comprising a diverse array of chemical constituents, vanilla contains vanillin, o-guaiacol, p-creosol, p-vinylguaiacol, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde, vanillic acid, and fatty acids. Additionally, vanilla waste has been observed to contain monosaccharides, pectin, lignin, and free sugars. The intricate process of vanillin biosynthesis in vanilla pods involves complex mechanisms within the plant.

With over 170 volatile aromatic components, vanilla's flavor profile is enriched by vanillin, vanillic acid, vanillyl alcohol, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, and p-hydroxybenzyl alcohol as the prominent contributors.
Vanilla's Rich Array of Bioactive Compounds

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