October 23, 2022

Hard wheat flour

There is no difference between bread flour and strong bread flour, strong flour, or hard flour or hard wheat flour. In the US, “bread flour” is the most common label for hard flour. “Strong flour” is what it called in the UK and other regions.

Hard wheat flour is made solely from hard wheat grains. Hard grains refer to kernels that have a high protein content. When strong flour is used to make dough, it requires a lot of kneading, as it has a high protein content.

Hard wheat flour is typically used to make breads. But this type of flour also can be used in several other types of recipes. Here are a few uses for bread flour: Sourdough bread, white bread, pretzels, dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, bagels.

Hard wheat flour tastes similar to other flours, but it’s slightly off-white and feels coarser and denser.

While hard wheat flours contain around 12 to 15 percent protein, soft wheat flours, like all-purpose flour, are usually about 8 to 12 percent protein. The high protein content also gives hard flour a slightly higher gluten content than other types of wheat flour, which makes it ideal for breads that need to rise well. Gluten is what holds the dough together, gives elasticity, allows the dough to maintain its shape, to trap the carbon dioxide inside when the dough starts to rise.
Hard wheat flour

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