January 4, 2024

Agar: Efficient Seaweed Binder

Agar agar functions as an exceptionally effective binding and gelling agent, sourced from diverse red seaweeds within the Rhodophyceae class. These seaweeds, identified as agarophytes, produce a substance through boiling that, when properly filtered and dried, has the capability to solidify various liquids.

The agar concentration in seaweeds undergoes fluctuations based on seawater conditions, including carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen tension, water temperature, and solar radiation intensity.

Derived from red algae, agar is a galactose-based heterogeneous polysaccharide, composed of agarose and agaropectin polymers. A typical composition comprises 70% agarose and 30% agaropectin.

Agarose, classified as a polysaccharide, constructs a chain of repeating agarobiose units, contributing to the distinct structure of agarophyte algae.
Agar: Efficient Seaweed Binder

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